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Visiter   Cryptographic Key Length Recommendation Sites populaires    Dernières mises à jour 25/4/2007 17:25
Catégorie  Sites crypto
In most cryptographic functions, keys length is an important security parameter. Despite the availability of many publications, choosing a good key size to protect your system from attacks remains a headache.
In 1999, Prof. Arjen K. Lenstra and Prof. Eric R. Verheul described mathematic formulas providing key length recommendations for most cryptographic systems. Prof. Arjen K. Lenstra updated his paper in 2004. The IETF also provides mathematical analysis of keys length in RFC3766. This web site implements these formulas and allows you to quickly evaluate the minimum security requirements for your system. You can also display key sizes recommended by the European Network of Excellence for Cryptology ECRYPT, the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST, the Central Information Systems Security Division DCSSI and the National Security Agency NSA. The NIST section is enhanced with cryptoperiods depending on specific key usage.
The lengths provided here are designed to resist mathematic attacks, they do not take algorithmic attacks, hardware flaws, etc. into account.

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