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L3.3 Impact des attaques en collision sur les applications cryptographiques

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This report ensues from the Saphir deliverable L3.1. More precisely, this deliverable reports :
– a thorough standard-model investigation on how attacks on hash functions impact the security of hash-and-sign signature schemes. We have analyzed security relations in the general case of hash-and-sign signatures and in the particular case of first-hash-then-sign signatures showing the gap of security guarantees between the two paradigms. Our results have been applied to two operating modes to construct a hash function family from a hash function based on the well-known Merkle-Damgård construction (such as MD5 and SHA-1). These results have been presented at the International Conference on provable security ProvSec 2008.
– some issues related to the long-term archival of documents based on time stamp which uses digital signatures and hash functions. We have considered the storage of arbitrary documents over long period of times (possibly several decades). The issue is to be able to prove to third parties the integrity of stored documents by taking into account the potential obsolescence of the algorithm : a given hash function, believed robust when it was first used, may lose its security over time, due to cryptanalytic advances or sheer increase of available computing power.

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